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The acuback is a massage roller for the back and neck and a postural correction accessory. Its consistency is flexible. The patented shape of the acuback is designed to provide a massage of the paraspinal muscles. These are the muscles located all along and on either side of the spine. In addition to the effect of its shape, the Acuback has small flexible tips to provide an acupressure effect. The Acuback is an accessory that can be heated in the microwave to provide a triple effect of relaxation and heat stimulation.


Use Acuback as a self-relief tool

The Acuback can also be used as a self-relief tool for tight muscles and joints in many areas of the body including the neck, lower back and legs. The unique functional characteristics of the Acuback allow it to act safely, through acupressure and heat, on painful and congested parts of the body. Blood flow and the circulation of nutrients then increase, removing the accumulated waste. Acuback also increases joint mobility, induces the release of pain relievers and natural sedatives, and stimulates the relaxation mechanisms of the nervous system.

Clinical tests

The acuball has achieved an excellent reputation in North America with thousands of clinics, professional athletes and individuals concerned with relieving their pain. The famous American doctor Dr. Oz considered it indispensable during his TV show. The Miami Heat NBA team as well as other NBA and NHL teams use it as part of their training.

Money back guarantee

Each person reacts differently to our products, so Bioloka cannot commit to a 100% success rate or an exact time before relief.
That's why we've put in place a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the product and return it if necessary.


How acuback works

When muscle fibers are stretched under the effect of stress, excessive strain, or injury, the contract (imagine a Venetian blind that is raised and whose lamellae move closer and closer to each other).

Body wastes, which normally should be flushed out, get trapped in the muscle and gradually build up. This buildup of waste eventually irritates the nerves inside the muscle and is what causes the pain.

When Acuback's precision pins penetrate areas where muscle waste has accumulated, they separate tight muscle fibers and stimulate blood flow, thereby removing accumulated waste. The pain decreases and the strength and flexibility of the muscles are restored in a 100% natural way.

Heating power

If you love the sensation of applying heat to tight, sore muscles, the patented heating power of Acuback, one of a kind, is for you. Feeling the warmth penetrating deep into sore, tired muscles is an experience everyone enjoys.

Why is it so nice to use the Acuback after heating it up?

Under the heat, the muscles dilate and the blood vessels open more, which helps to provide better blood to areas of tension. This increased blood flow helps eliminate accumulated waste, soothing irritated nerves as muscles relax and return to their normal relaxed state. The heat also helps relax the central nervous system, creating a feeling of calm that further loosens areas of tension. Microwave Acuback for one minute or boiling water for 12 minutes and you'll enjoy no less than 75 minutes of soothing heat!

Acuback - Le pouvoir de la chaleur
Acuback - Dos bas

Patented technology

Many problems with the spine are due to excessive tension in the muscles which causes the vertebrae to block: the vertebrae “lock” instead of moving smoothly. The Spine Alignment Band, a precision-molded groove all around the middle of the Acuback, allows you to lie directly on your spine so your neck and lower and mid-back are unraveled and relaxed.

In the past, you would have had to address your chiropractor or physiotherapist. Isn't it amazing that you can now achieve this result on yourself and on your own?

As if stretching the bellows of an accordion, it helps "free" areas where the vertebrae are often blocked. The two different kinds of spikes (for a more or less deep penetration) which are on both sides of the Spine Alignment Band act by acupressure on the important postural muscles located on each side of the spine (the extensor muscles spine), so that they relax and open.

This results in more fluidity in the movements of the spine, improved central nervous system flow (as the central nervous system passes through the spine) and better posture.
Even if your neck does not hurt you, the place where the neck connects to the back of the head is a key area to increase your well-being because the central nervous system goes precisely there. You should definitely try the Acuback there. All you need to do is let go and relax by pressing the Acuback for 3 minutes.

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