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The most convenient and affordable way to practice wave therapy is to use the Back2Flow. The Back2Flow applies an oscillating motion to the ankles at an adjustable rate. This oscillating movement of the ankles turns into an ascending wave that travels all over the body from the ankles to the head. The most noticeable effects are felt on the spine, but a deep relaxation of all the muscles is also achieved. The waving motion also improves tissue oxygenation and toxin drainage.

The ripple movement applied to the body by the Back2Flow device eliminates tension throughout the body. At first, it may seem strange to be traversed from the bottom up by this movement, and one can perceive the struggle and resistance of many tensions. Observe everything in your body that contracts and fights the waves, until the movement travels through your body without any hindrance.

Wave therapy involves pulling ripples all over the body to create a movement of the whole body in the manner of a fish swimming. To generate these ripples, a lateral oscillating movement is applied to the ankles at a variable speed. It was the Japanese who were the first to discover the extremely beneficial effects of wave therapy for a large number of common ailments and for the improvement of blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and for a gentle massage of the spine.
* This equipment is adapted to the French electrical network and requires an adapter (not supplied) for other countries.

Back2Flow-Utilisation du produit

Use of the product

Using the Back2Flow is extremely simple and affordable for everyone.

Place the Back2Flow on a floor mat and lie down in front of the machine, placing your ankles on the soft support. Grasp the remote control while lying down and relaxing. If desired, you can place the rotating support under your hips to make it easier for the ripple to spread up the body and to reduce friction with the mat. Press the SWING button. The machine starts up and swings your ankles quickly from right to left supporting the weight of your legs. The default speed (5) is good enough to get started. If it is too fast, press the MINUS (-) button to decrease the speed.

The choice of speed is an individual preference. If you are old or very sensitive, start at a slightly lower speed (3) and increase if you feel the need.

When you press the "SWING" button, the timer automatically turns on for a five-minute session. Five minutes is often enough to provide a great effect. You can adjust the timer by pressing the "TIMER" button and then using the + and - buttons to adjust the number of minutes remaining.

We recommend that you do two sessions a day of at least five minutes. It is more effective to do two five-minute sessions a day than a ten-minute session.

Fully satisfied or money-back guarantee

We always stand behind our products and provide a very high level of service:

- 30 days satisfaction or money-back guarantee: You can try the Back2Flow at home for 30 days; if this device does not suit you, you can return it to us and be fully refunded

- 2 years warranty - immediate exchange: We have put a very durable motor and components in our Back2Flow to ensure a long life. In any case of malfunction, we will not ask you to wait for us to repair your machine! We will pick up the defective machine and send you a 100% new machine immediately. Thus, no waiting times and no risk of serial failures.

- Phone and email support: Our team is by your side to get the most out of Back2Flow and answer all your questions

Les avantages de mouvement

Movement is health!

Wave therapy sets the entire spine in motion and gently massages the spinal discs and joints of the body.

A healthy spine is a moving column. Previously, people with back pain were advised to rest, but it was recognized that it is best to get moving as much as possible and this is now what is advised by health professionals. Walking is an excellent activity for spinal health. Our body is designed to be standing and walking or be physically active for several hours a day. Indeed, too much sedentarism slows down cell regeneration of vertebral joints and blood flow. However, it is precisely the people who suffer from back or neuralgia who find it most difficult to get enough movement. This is where the Back2Flow comes in handy. The undulating movement reproduces in an amplified and accelerated manner the effect of walking on the spine and massages the discs smoothly. A five-minute wave motion session with the Back2Flow has a benefit on the back that is equivalent to a thirty to sixty-minute walk (depending on your walking speed) and this without any danger.
Of course, this does not mean that the Back2Flow should replace physical activity. But if you feel that you are not active enough, wave therapy is an ideal answer to your situation.

The benefits of Back2Flow

You probably know the many reasons why muscle tension is the number one enemy of your back and generates a lot of pain. On the other hand, chronic tensions pump your energy and make you feel empty, unenthusiastic, not up to par, or even depressed.

The undulating movement relaxes you and brings back movement in your body, your muscles, and your joints. It massages them from the inside, improving their mobility while bringing them more blood and oxygen. The wave motion is therefore a breath of fresh air for your whole body, literally and figuratively.

Tissue oxygenation

Tissue oxygenation through wave therapy is achieved by simultaneous stimulation of the vascular and respiratory systems. This stimulation is similar to that which would be obtained by sustained natural walking. The difference is that the movement of the waves that travel through all the tissues of your body strongly promotes the reoxygenation of the cells, more than any other physical activity (equivalent in duration).

After a session of only five minutes of wave therapy, it is impressive to feel the whole body vibrate from within. Even if you are not used to perceiving your body, you will not be able to miss feeling this vibrant wave run through you. It is the result of the synergy between muscle relaxation, vascular and respiratory stimulation, tissue oxygenation, and stimulation of nerve influx.

Back2Flow et la thérapie ondulatoire

The recommendations of our experts

Wave therapy stimulates the blood and lymphatic system and tissue detoxification. If your tissues retain a lot of toxins (this is the case for the majority of people) it is possible to go through a phase with uncomfortable symptoms related to detoxification. Mild headaches, lethargy, mild muscle aches, weakness, irritability ... These symptoms are not the direct cause of undulating movement. The wave motion triggers the rejection and evacuation of these toxins that end up in the blood before being evacuated for good.

Toxins accumulated in the muscles are a major cause of inflammation and chronic pain. This detoxification process is therefore positive and essential. If such symptoms occur, temporarily stop use and decrease the number of sessions or the rate of oscillation when you resume. Tissue detoxification is not dangerous, it just needs to take place over a period of time enough not to overload the lymph and the elimination functions of the body.


A quoi sert la thérapie ondulatoire du Back2Flow ?

Le mouvement ondulatoire généré par le Back2Flow améliore l'oxygénation des tissus et le drainage des toxines. Il élimine les tensions dans l'ensemble du corps et décontracte vos muscles efficacement grâce à son système de balancement rythmique rapide créant un mouvement d'ondulation destiné à fluidifier vos articulations vertébrales

Comment profiter de la thérapie ondulatoire du Back2Flow ?

Le Back2Flow est un produit simple d'utilisation qui ne nécéssite que très peu d'installation. Il vous suffit de le poser et de vous allonger au sol sur un tapis pour commencer votre séance. A vous de définir la vitesse qui vous conviendra le mieux, nous vous recommandons tout de même de vous rapprochez de la vitesse la plus basse (3) si vous êtes une personne sensible ou âgée.

Quels sont les effets de la thérapie ondulatoire ?

En mettant toute la colonne vertébrale en mouvement, la thérapie ondulatoire à deux effets positifs. Elle élimine les tensions musculaires chroniques qui peuvent vous donner un sentiment d'épuisement ou affecter votre moral et elle oxygène vos tissus pour stimuler vos systèmes vasculaire et respiratoire afin de réoxygéner vos cellules

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