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Get instant back relief

The BackMeUp allows you to sit effortlessly in a perfect posture, relieving back pain and preventing it from recurring. Lightweight and portable, it makes every chair ergonomic. Wearing it for just 15 minutes a day can cause your body to adopt a new default posture. Thus, your posture is greatly improved when standing or sitting without BackMeUp.


Perfect support

BackMeUp perfectly supports your lower back in a correct posture and without effort. Indeed, ties that are placed on the knees prevent your lower back from sagging. You can now spend hours in a sitting position without feeling the discomfort that settles in the lower back. The health of your vertebrae is preserved and pain is avoided.

The BackMeUp is made with resistant and comfortable materials. The lumbar support cushion is thick and made from memory foam.


How is your posture now?
How is your back? How is your neck?


How to wear the BackMeUp?

BackMeUp - Comment porter
BackMeUp-Comment porter
1. Open

BackMeUp slips and closes in a portable case. Easy to carry in your bag, unpack it when you are ready to sit down.

2. Roll up

Place both feet flat on the floor (it's ergonomic!). Wrap the back pad around your lower back.

3. Attach

Lean your chest forward and grab the knee pads. Place the knee pads on your knees.

4. Adjust

Sit up straight as you pull on the straps until you reach the length that allows you to keep your spine in perfect posture. You can also attach the straps to each other between your legs with the clip provided for added support.


BackMeUp makes your life easier

BackMeUp- au bureau
BackMeUp en méditant BackMeUp et loisirs préférés BackMeUp 
soutien du dos
Work Meditation Leisure Travel

Postural correction

Maintaining incorrect posture throughout your life often leads to spinal damage which can be irreversible. The muscles do not have the required tone and postural memory and must therefore be supported and re-educated. BackMeUp is proving to be a powerful ally in reversing this insidious bad habit which affects the majority of the population.

BackMeUp-Correction posturale
Dr. Michael Bryant, Elite Spine Centers, Singapour

“As a clinician who has spent years caring for patients who suffer from the consequences of poor posture, I can honestly say that I have been impressed with the Back Me Up Posture Correction Device. It helps users sit up, in a correct upright posture while strengthening the main muscle core. It is also very easy to use, space-saving and portable. I would recommend it to my patients for home or office use."

Dr. Michael Bryant, Elite Spine Centers, Singapore

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