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Doctor Shower

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More than a shower, Doctor Shower is a hydropuncture shower. One of a kind, it is accessible to everyone! The technology used turns the arrival of water into a multitude of ultra-fine jets. Powerful and straight, these jets bring precision care to your skin. By using Doctor Shower, you are choosing the therapeutic efficacy of hydropuncture.
Economical and fast, the installation is done in three minutes. With the accessory and hose provided, you can add the Doctor Shower Head while retaining the existing one and switching from one to the other with a simple switch. Turn every shower into a wellness experience!

The nerve stimulation caused by Doctor Shower is such that it increases the level of endorphins in your nervous system, relaxes the tensions, and increases the blood flow in the areas where hydropuncture is applied. The combination of these effects provides relief from many ailments, including back pain.

Doctor Shower -Avantages
Doctor Shower- Bienfaits


This is what we want to share from our experience with everyone: we always feel better after a shower. But a Doctor Shower provides that feeling of well-being on a whole other level. What if you could feel as good after your shower as you did after a good massage and a spa session? The Doctor Shower not only washes your skin and hair deeply, it also washes your nervous system of its accumulated tensions and stimulates your circulatory system.

  • Revitalize your skin without creams, lotions, masks.
  • Improve its elasticity, appearance, and firmness.
  • Stimulate your cell regeneration.
  • Restore blood flow to the skin and into layers of subcutaneous tissue.
  • Eliminate or reduce your cellulite.
  • Clean your skin and hair without soap or shampoo.
  • Increase the level of endorphins in your nervous system.
  • Soothe the pain without side effects.
  • Stimulate the growth, strength, and beauty of your hair.
  • Substance-free removal of itchy skin or scalp, as well as dandruff.

Satisfied or money-back guarantee

The purchase of the Doctor Shower is accompanied by thirty-day satisfaction insurance. If you are not happy with this product, you can return it to us for a full refund (excluding postage). However, there is every chance that you will decide to keep it. Indeed, it becomes difficult to do without because one quickly gets used to a feeling of deeper well-being.

A spa treatment costs tens of euros, but with Doctor Shower, you only have to make one investment for very many years. Your hydropuncture shower will give you all its benefits day after day, morning and evening. It will pay off in a few weeks of use and after the first year, you will start saving money by buying fewer shampoos, soaps, creams, lotions, and other cosmetics. You will also save month after month on health and wellness care. Doctor Shower is guaranteed for three years and is designed from an extremely strong material that can be used effectively for twenty years.

Doctor Shower- Avantages

The benefits of Doctor Shower on a daily basis

You wash every day, replacing your shower with the Doctor Shower system, apply hydropuncture treatment every day when you wash, and you don’t need to think about it. So it naturally integrates into your lifestyle and doesn’t require extra time from you to devote to your body through a new practice or care. It reduces or even eliminates the need for creams, lotions, soaps, gels, shampoos, after shampoos, and other body care substances. It allows you to feel better and more relaxed, every day. No third party to consult and pay. It is easy to practice. If you are able to take a shower, you can use Doctor Shower wisely.

The therapeutic virtues of Doctor Shower

The intensity of nerve stimulation on the skin through hydropuncture improves nerve impulses, increases blood flow to the body surface, and increases the production of neurotransmitters by the central nervous system. These effects calm most types of pain and improve the body’s immune response to all types of pathologies. This is especially the case for pathologies that affect the skin or peripheral tissues of the body. However, the therapeutic effect of Doctor Shower also extends to the tissues and internal organs by a reflexology effect. Indeed, by intensely stimulating all areas of the skin, one stimulates the internal organs that correspond to these areas.

Doctor Shower -Les bienfaits thérapeutiques
Doctor Shower-Les bienfaits beauté

The beauty benefits

Increased peripheral blood flow through hydropuncture accelerates the skin’s metabolism. A slow metabolism in the skin slows down cell replacement and communication between them. The reason our skin ages is the slowing down of its metabolism. Accelerating it in a natural way, therefore, slows down and reverses the effects of skin aging.

In addition to its benefits on the skin itself, Doctor Shower also induces subcutaneous effects. Cellulite is caused by poor circulation in these tissues and by a weakening of the connective tissues. Regular use of hydro puncture restores better blood and lymphatic circulation under the skin and tightens the subcutaneous connective tissues, erasing cellulite and firming the appearance of the body.

Relaxing and invigorating effects

The intensity of the nerve stimulation provided by Doctor Shower hydropuncture eliminates the stress and tension accumulated in the body. By relaxing the nerves deep, the muscles also relax. Doctor Shower users see an improvement in the quality of their sleep after a hydropuncture shower. This effect is due to the relaxation of the nervous system which allows a deeper rest.

The invigorating effect of hydropuncture is explained by the intensity of nerve stimulation that revitalizes the flow of nerve influx to peripheral muscles and tissues. This nerve revitalization restores better contact between the brain and the stimulated areas of the body. On the other hand, nerve stimulation triggers an influx of blood to the surface tissues and skin. This improves oxygenation and cell regeneration throughout your body and makes you feel fresh, invigorated, and in better possession of your body.

Doctor Shower -Effets relaxant et revigorant
Doctor Shower-Bienaites d’hydroponcture

No need for shampoo on a daily basis

The impact of hydropuncture jets on hair and scalp produces a micro-explosion effect that removes impurities, unnecessary greasy residues, and bacteria. The hair is thus cleaned without the use of any substances. Repeated use of substances that most often contain many chemicals (including detergent) fatigues and damages the scalp and hair and disrupts the functioning of their follicles. So being able to reduce the use of shampoo or even completely do without it is a very popular option for Doctor Shower users.

Cellulite and skin treatment

Hydropuncture not only performs skin stimulation, but it also provides a fine and deep massage of the hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue). The hydropuncture of the subcutaneous tissues thus promotes blood and lymphatic circulation as well as the nervous influx throughout the layer of tissues under the skin (subcutaneous connective tissues).

Cellulite is due to inflammatory swelling of fat cells in the hypodermis. This swelling is related to the accumulation of fluids and toxins in them. This thickening creates pressure on the surrounding collagen fibers, creating the orange peel effect of cellulite. Cellulite is therefore not the result of excess fat but of dysregulation of blood and lymph circulation in the hypodermis. Doctor Shower is effective in gradually clearing cellulite through regular and intense stimulation of blood and lymph circulation in the connective tissues of the hypodermis. Hydropuncture reduces fluid and toxin buildup and restores the normal alignment of collagen fibers. This treatment would also stimulate collagen production, enhancing the cellulite removal effect.

The hydropuncture provided by Doctor Shower stimulates the skin’s metabolism and all related functions. The activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands is regulated, which allows the optimal renewal of the hydrolipid film on the surface of the skin: it thus remains supple and hydrated. On the other hand, cell renewal is optimized, which prevents the accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the epidermis. It is also noted that melanocyte production is stimulated which regulates skin pigmentation. The color of the skin is more uniform and naturally less pale.

Finally, the skin is better irrigated and its vascular network is stimulated and extended. It regains its elasticity.

Doctor Shower- traitement anti-cellulite
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