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Ionic Face Brush

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Using the brush makes your skin silky smooth. It offers you a feeling of well-being and freshness as soon as you wake up thanks to ionic regulation.

The skin, an indicator of your health, is the body's largest waste-eliminating organ. It works constantly to cleanse the body of acidic and toxic wastes of the body. The ionic brush is a simple way to accompany this mechanism of purification and to offer you a “new skin”. Your skin will be oxygenated, exfoliated and toned. The brush also restores the body's ionic balance, which explains its name.

Brosse Ionique Pour le Visage
Brosse Ionique Pour le Visage -Utilisation


Breathing skin is healthy skin! Why brush your skin regularly?
  • Dry brushing accompanies the stagnant lymph to the lymph nodes, which are mostly located in the armpits, groin, and neck to help eliminate waste
  • This gesture helps to rebalance the body’s ionic balance. Positive ions reduce the energy supply to the body. The ion brush is a simple way to bring in negative ions (anions). Anions are produced by the very fine bronze of which the brush is composed. By brushing your body dry, anions are produced on the skin and therefore immediately rebalance the body.
  • Brushing performs a secretion of hormones, including endorphins and growth hormones, immediately influencing the nervous system by stimulating the nerves under the skin.
  • Rejuvenating Brushing softens and rejuvenates the skin


    Start from areas away from the heart and brush toward the heart to bring the stagnant lymph back to the lymph nodes that are the waste sorting places.

    For arms and legs, start at the ends, and brush in a straight line towards the heart. For the belly and back, brush the body starting with small circular movements clockwise and enlarge the circles more and more. For the face, start with small circular movements clockwise and enlarge the circles more and more. Choose the pressure that works for you. The skin will turn slightly red as blood circulation is stimulated. The ionic brush is preferably used in the morning, dry, for 2 to 3 minutes, before your shower for example.

    Brosse Ionique Pour le Visage -Utilisation
    Brosse Ionique Pour le Visage -Composants


    This brush is only used dry. Beware, its use is contraindicated in case of allergy to copper or tin, in case of sunburn, cancer, infections, varicose veins or skin wounds.

    Cleaning the brush

    Tap your ionic brush lightly on a hard, smooth surface after each application to allow small skin particles to leave.


    Waxed beech
    Extra fine bronze wire.
    Tin/copper alloy.
    Pure horsehair border
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