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Ultra Light Sleeping Mask

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€7,90 €4,00
This relaxation and sleep mask is ultra-light and rounded. So nothing is in contact with your eyes and eyelashes, and you don't feel its weight on your head. It is as if you are naturally in complete darkness, even with your eyes open or half-opened.
For better internalization and contact with sensations and stimulation of nerve impulses we recommend that you use a relaxation and sleep mask.

The problem with sleep masks is that they are uncomfortable. It is embarrassing to have something touching the eyes and not being able to open the eyes when the mask is on the face.

These problems are solved with the ultralight sleep mask that we offer you. Made from a special ultra-light material, this sleep mask is domed so it doesn't put any pressure on your eye and eyelid. On the other hand, you can open your eyes while experiencing total darkness!

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Product use

Blocking light completely is helpful for getting the most restful sleep possible and for improving the production of the hormone melatonin your body needs to regulate sleep cycles.

If you travel, this mask is so small it will fit in your purse.

This mask is very useful if you want to enter a state of deep relaxation and get total rest for a nap, meditation, or to spend a night in complete darkness.

Money back guarantee

Each person reacts differently to our products, therefore Bioloka cannot commit to a 100% success rate or an exact time before relief.

That's why we've put in place a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the product and return it if necessary.

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