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Masseur Shiatsu

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The health of the neck and spine is strained in today's society. Most jobs require us to sit all day in front of a computer. Tensions are then felt in the neck, shoulders, and back.
The cushion is light and compact and is therefore very easy to transport.

NeckTrack Air - Utilisation

Product use

  • Press the ON / OFF switch to turn on the appliance with the heating function.
  • Press the ON / OFF switch again to deactivate the heating function.
  • Press the ON / OFF switch for 3 seconds to stop the massager.

Effects on the body

NeckUplift -Utilisation
NeckUplift -Utilisation

Your legs are made up of large muscles and reflex points. The leg massage offers you complete relaxation as well as a feeling of lightness in the legs.

Neck and shoulders

Massaging the neck and shoulders helps relieve stiffness and tension in this area and relieves headaches, insomnia, and many other discomforts.


A good home massage can relieve pain and tension in the back. You will have a moment of relaxation and intense relief.

The benefits of the Shiatsu massager

NeckUplift -Utilisation
NeckUplift -Utilisation
NeckUplift -Utilisation NeckUplift -Utilisation
1. Accessible & Bidirectional Rotation

Press once to activate the massager. The heating function is activated by default. Press again to turn off the heating option. The direction of kneading changes automatically every minute.

2. Thermotherapy

The red light shows that the heating option is activated.
If you are worried that someone will open the door during your session, close the lock or notify those around you.

3. Automatic shutdown

The massager is equipped with an automatic shut-off system after 20 minutes of use in order to avoid excessive massage or forgetfulness. The tool is also protected against overheating for maximum safety

4. Attaching the Straps

The adjustable straps are located on the back of the shiatsu massage cushion. With hook-and-loop tape, the massager attaches firmly to most chairs.

The advantages of our Shiatsu massage cushion:

✔ This massage pillow has 4 massage heads, which mimic human fingers to provide a really relaxing massage. This 3-dimensional effect allows you to relax and relieve your muscles.
✔ It has 2 directions of pivoting to massage the neck and back over its entire width.
✔ The heating option promotes blood circulation.
✔ This cushion has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly on the neck, back, abdomen, calves, and thighs.
✔ It can be easily attached to the back of a chair or placed at the bottom of a sofa, thanks to its elastic band.
✔ This cushion has overheating protection and automatically shuts off after 20 minutes.

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