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The Nubax is a spinal decompression device from Australia that uses patented leverage to perform static axial decompression of the spine from the hips to the shoulders. With this force of decompression, you will first reduce and eliminate the crushing of your nerve roots. Then, you will reverse the pathologies affecting the lumbar and dorsal regions which were responsible for this crushing.

Besides its powerful action on the vertebral discs, Nubax improves the alignment of the spine. The leverage of the Nubax automatically aligns the pelvis, spine, and shoulders while stretching the spine. This stretch straightens the vertebrae relative to each other and returns them to their correct position. It is excellent in case of scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, pressure not focused on the disc leading to a protrusion, etc ...

The Nubax also performs a deep stretch of the back, particularly in the lumbar region. The user has control over the intensity of the stretch provided.

Thus, the back and lumbar muscles and ligaments gradually gain both flexibility and strength. Muscle contractures are gradually evacuated, muscle imbalances are rebalanced and the support capacities of the back muscles are strengthened.

Nubax- soulagement des maux de dos

The great ease of use of Nubax in three steps


The more you lean forward, the stronger the pulling force.

Product use

The use of Nubax is extremely simple and accessible to all. You will not need any assistance and all aspects of the operation are explained to you in our book and in the user manual. You will be able to create the ideal force of decompression and apply it correctly to your back completely independently and without having to move.

The operation of the Nubax is based on a very ingenious use of the weight of the upper body through a leverage effect. By suspending the body over a pivot point, the force of gravity exerts a distracting force that pulls the pelvis away from the shoulders. The back is thus stretched in a firm, but perfectly controlled manner. The position of the legs forming a 90° angle with the pelvis, ensures that the spine is in a neutral position in which axial decompression is safe.

Step 1: The user kneels in front of the Nubax
Step 2: He puts the belt at hip level and holds the handles firmly.
Step 3: He lets his body lean forward. The body is held at the hips by the belt while the back is stretched creating a distracting force on the vertebrae.

For safe and effective use of Nubax, it is important to follow the body placement guidelines:

  • You must be on your knees and have put in place the support belt on the upper part of the hips.
  • Handles allow you to position your arms optimally.
  • Once properly positioned, you can then begin the forward movements.
  • You should then gradually sense a feeling of stretching during the session.

The intensity of the axial decompression force, therefore, depends on the angle at which you stop the trunk tilt. Once this angle is reached, a static axial decompression force is exerted across the entire spine from the hips to the shoulders. At all times, you are in complete control of the force exerted and you can fine-tune it with a very slight rectification of your incline.

With Nubax, 2 to 3 sessions of 3 minutes per day are sufficient to obtain all its benefits. At any time of the day, even dressed, if you have 3 minutes, it's enough to do your Nubax session and do a lot of good for your back.

Many chiropractors, physiotherapists, and doctors recommend the regular use of Nubax in Australia where its effectiveness has been demonstrated by clinical tests in a renowned Australian university. Several famous Australian athletes use Nubax for their back hygiene.

What will be the effects on my back?

Nubax stretches your back and spine in a more or less intense way. In practice, the vertebral bodies are stretched relative to each other, thus increasing the size of the intervertebral cavity. At the facet joints, the joint is stretched as when bending the back forward.

The results of this intense axial stretching are manifold and affect your spine as well as your surrounding muscles and ligaments.

  • First, at the level of the spinal disc, the separation of the vertebral bodies from one another increases the intervertebral space. This movement creates suction inside the disc. This suction force pulls the gelatinous inner part of the disc towards its center, which gradually eliminates herniated discs and protrusions.
  • On the other hand, the increase in intervertebral space produces a phenomenon of blood-sucking into this space. The intervertebral disc is thus bathed in blood and therefore supplied with water and nutrients. It is this effect that explains the re-swelling and rehydration of the discs observed with axial decompression in clinical trials.
  • Finally, the simultaneous stretching of the facet joints, vertebral bodies, and paraspinal ligaments bring about a progressive vertical and horizontal realignment of the vertebrae, returning them to a correct position in relation to each other.

Nubax, therefore, offers an in-depth treatment of the spine on several levels. But this does not end here. Indeed, Nubax will have multiple beneficial effects on your flexible tissues: muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Stretching them will reduce their tension and increase their flexibility. This will reduce the risk of injury and micro-tears to the tissues.

Stretching your back and lumbar muscles with Nubax will give you more flexibility but also more tone and strength. Your muscles will be better able to support your torso in the correct position and to play their role in absorbing shocks. These improvements will in turn have a beneficial effect on the spine and relieve the discs.

To sum up, we can say that axial spinal decompression produces a triple effect both on the spine (the vertebrae and their discs), on the paraspinal muscles and ligaments in particular, and the back in general.

Three effects on the vertebrae:

  1. Effect on the vertebral disc: a decrease in the pressure exerted by the nucleus pulposus on the fibrous ring and the constitution of suction towards the center of the disc which leads to the disappearance of the hernia or the protrusion
  2. In the area between the vertebrae: the amount of blood supplied is multiplied
  3. Effect on vertebral positioning: the alignment of the vertebrae is done vertically and horizontally. As if you were pulling a chain from its two ends: each link of the chain aligns with the others as the traction is applied.

Three effects on the muscles:

  1. Relaxation and reduction of tension in the back muscles
  2. Better muscle and ligament flexibility which reduces the risk of injury.
  3. An increase in tone and elasticity, allowing better maintenance of the vertebrae.

All of these positive effects on the spine and back muscles have been demonstrated and measured in dozens of serious clinical studies in internationally renowned Universities or Institutes.

These many positive effects explain why Nubax will allow you to reverse the degenerative processes that affect your back. You will relieve your back pain, lumbar pain, or sciatica, but it will be much more than just relief. Indeed, in addition to being relieved, you will increase the flexibility and strength of your back while maintaining your spinal joints.

Finally, keeping a healthy spine during aging also means avoiding or minimizing a decrease in size as a result of disc dehydration and spinal compression. You've probably noticed that your parents have lost their height, especially after the age of 60 and 70. This sag is almost exclusively the effect of the column sag. Sagging not only has an aesthetic dimension but above all has a negative effect on health because it compresses the organs and reduces longevity. Did you know that Chinese medicine assesses a person's longevity by looking at their spine? Keeping a column at its full length and flexibility means preserving your health and longevity. Keep in mind that this loss of column size and its effect on your longevity is not inevitable! If you prefer to keep or regain the size of your 30s, practice axial decompression regularly.


Axial decompression stretches the spine from the hips to the shoulders.

Nubax-un traitement de la colonne vertébrale

Axial decompression opens the intervertebral cavities

Nubax-Effet sur le disque vertébral

The opening of the intervertebral cavities, as well as the aspiration of blood around the discs, allows the vertebral discs to rehydrate, re-inflate and regenerate.

Straighten your spine and avoid sagging with age by including Nubax 10 minutes per day in your lifestyle

Nubax-3 mintes par jour

How often and for how long?

Nubax offers a complete treatment of the spine and back muscles. It is a true therapeutic device that is suitable for both professional and personal use. Many physiotherapists use it successfully with their patients.

However, the most effective Nubax is Nubax which is frequently used in short sessions: two to three times two to three minutes per day. Ten minutes of daily use is sufficient if used frequently over two or three sessions. Considering the long-term results of Nubax treatment, a protocol of three sessions of three minutes apart during the day will be much more effective than a protocol of a single ten-minute session. The short and numerous sessions allow the back to better assimilate all the benefits of axial decompression which involves thousands of ligament, muscle, and joint micro-adjustments.

Such frequency of use is impossible to achieve if the user has to travel to perform their session, and spacing out the sessions decreases the effectiveness of Nubax therapy. Personal investment in the Nubax device so that you can have it close to you every day is, therefore, the wise choice for the relief of pathology as well as for the maintenance of a healthy back.

The Nubax available at home gives the user plenty of time to start calmly and gives them back time to slowly adjust to this new strength. Remember that your back has been subjected to compressive forces every day for decades, so give it a little time as its mechanics are complex.

Axial spinal decompression has been shown to trigger rehydration mechanisms in the spinal discs, and this rehydration has also been shown to be faster the more frequent the decompression sessions are. Frequency is exactly what Nubax gives you, as long as you implement the necessary discipline to perform your sessions. With sessions of only three to five minutes, the presence of the device in your home, and the ability to do your sessions at any time of the day and in any clothing, you have all the elements you need to give your back the frequent axial spinal decompression it needs, and therefore the most effective relief.

What pathologies are relieved?

Studies and clinical trials confirm the therapeutic effects of axial decompression on the majority of lumbar and back problems and pathologies. The following list is therefore not exhaustive:

  • Herniated disc and protrusion
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Pinching and dehydration of the discs
  • Sciatica and cruralgia
  • Lumbar or dorsal radiculopathy
  • Lumbar and back osteoarthritis - diarthrosis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Vertebral hyperostosis - Forestier's disease
  • Sacroiliac joint syndrome
  • Foraminal stenosis and spinal stenosis
  • Scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, and other deformities
  • Low back pain of joint, muscle, or ligament origin
  • Spondylolisthesia - Slipping of the vertebra (grade 1 and grade 2)

Spinal decompression with Nubax allows you to treat a large number of lumbar or back pathologies

Dehydration is disastrous for the health of your vertebral discs

Rehydrate your discs

What steps have you taken to rehydrate your discs? Do you make the mistake of letting them dry out and spoil? We said it but we can't say it enough: your discs are thirsty! Dozens of clinical tests have shown, without a doubt, that axial decompression is able to rehydrate your spinal discs, even the driest. They have shown that even your damaged discs can be relieved when they are stretched vertically, when space is given to them, and when they are bathed in blood all over their surface.

Do you understand the importance of restoring the shape and function of your spinal discs? If so, you need to make a decision on how you are going to help them. Do not wait. Your vertebral discs represent real health capital. These are the hinges of your mobility, your freedom, and your pain-free life. Every day that goes by without maintenance is a small part of that capital that disappears.

Is Nubax dangerous?

The numerous clinical tests which have evaluated spinal decompression on thousands of patients as well as on Nubax confirm that this mode of treatment does not present any risks for the patient.

This is because Nubax has been designed in a way that prevents you from exerting a force of decompression that will be too great for your spine, even if it is weak. The Nubax, therefore, offers you the practice of axial decompression without risk and without the need for assistance.

Of course, this does not prevent it from being strongly recommended to start gently so that the muscles, ligaments, and joints gradually get used to this new force. Decompressing too strongly during the first sessions could strain a muscle, especially if it suffers from chronic contracture.

The only contraindications to axial decompression are the practice if you have a torn muscle or ligament in your back or if you have very advanced osteoporosis in the vertebrae. If you have had one or more spinal surgeries, it is generally recommended to wait a few months before using Nubax. Your neurosurgeon can advise you.

In all other cases, axial decompression performed correctly can only provide a positive or neutral outcome in the worst case.
Whether your back pain is due to a combination of protrusions, pinches, disc disease, hernias, osteophytes, osteoarthritis, displacements of vertebrae, and whatever vertebrae affliction, you can begin the practice of axial decompression safely.

This does not of course prevent you from seeking the advice of your doctor or your physiotherapist in relation to your personal situation. However, the practice of spinal decompression is relatively unknown in France and is typically not studied by the majority of health professionals.


You can use Nubax by yourself at home without the risk of injuring yourself. However, be sure to start the practice smoothly.

Get results quickly

LOne of the keys to how effective Nubax is is how quickly you will see the first results. Indeed, it is this speed that will encourage you to keep up the momentum and adopt this treatment for the long term. Our customers generally see improvements within the first week. If that goes slower for you, don't be discouraged! It is definitely worth giving axial decompression a chance.

It is for this reason that we suggest that you try Nubax for a period of thirty days, that is to say, ninety-three-minute sessions. Don't jump to conclusions too quickly and let us know your observations after thirty days. Our experience with more than 15,000 French customers is that nineteen out of twenty people decide to keep the device after the test. After thirty days, not only will your lower back, back or sciatica problems be much better, but your back will already be noticeably more flexible and relaxed.

What if that doesn't help?

Such bad luck is unlikely, but unfortunately possible. In such a case you are fully covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

If this situation arises, contact us at the end of your trial to let us know. We are courteous and respectful of our commitments. We will ask you to return the product to us and we will refund you within two weeks of receiving the package. We would like to thank you for placing your trust in us and for giving the Nubax device a chance.


Check out testimonials from verified users:

Find on the verified Trustpilot platform, the many testimonials from our customers who have used Nubax. Read their opinion and experience because your story will no doubt be similar. When Nubax has relieved your pain, don't forget to tell your story when Trustpilot invites you to do so to guide other users. Watch the videos below.

This book explains how to relieve your spine by decompression:

  • Secrets of Axial Decompression: Why is it so popular in the United States?
  • The solution to practice decompression without spending a fortune and being lazy
  • 6 modes of action of axial decompression that eliminate back pain and sciatica
  • The intriguing story of an Australian invention that transforms the practice of spinal decompression
  • Why Nubax is more efficient than professional decompression machines
  • The astonishing findings of dozens of clinical tests
  • How to Free Your Lumbar Nerve Roots for the Rest of Your Life
  • Do you really have to trust axial decompression?
  • Your guide to starting axial decompression the best way



Comment le Nubax peut-il corriger mes douleurs de dos ?

Le Nubax est un appareil de décompression vertébrale efficace qui étire le dos et la colonne pour augmenter la taille de la cavité intervertébrale. Cet étirement va séparer les corps vertébraux les uns par rapport aux autres et produire un effet de succion du sang vers l'intérieur pour alimenter votre disque intervertébral en eau et en nutriments. Ce traitement en profondeur va étirer et augmenter la flexibilité de vos muscles et ainsi diminuer vos risques de déchirure des tissus. Tous ces effets positifs vont vous permettre de soulager vos douleurs dorsales, lombaires et sciatiques sur le long terme.

L'utilisation du Nubax peut-il être un danger ?

Le Nubax ne présente aucun risque pour l'utilisateur sauf si vous souffrez d'une déchirure d'un muscle ou d'un ligament ou en cas d'ostéoporose avancée. Il faut par contre respecter les consignes et démarrer vos séances en douceur pour habituer vos muscles à ce nouvel exercice. L'appareil a été conçu pour éviter d'exercer une force de décompression trop élevée sur votre colonne pour que vous puissiez profiter de votre Nubax sans risques ou besoin d'assistance.

Le Nubax peut-il améliorer mes problèmes de scoliose ?

Le Nubax fonctionnant par décompression axiale a naturellement des effets sur la majorité des pathologies lombaires et dorsales comme la hernie discale, la discopathie, la scoliose ou encore l'arthrose lombaire. Pour avoir un résultat efficace, nous vous conseillons d'utiliser notre appareil thérapeutique sur des séances très courtes de quelques minutes au moins 3 fois par jour. Ces courtes séquences vont permettre à votre dos d'assimiler tous les bénéfices de milliers de micro-ajustements ligamentaires.

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